I wanted a web based equirectangular panorama viewer that worked on all devices. I found none, so decieded to build mine. This panorama viewer is based on Canvas, WebGL (threejs.org) & Flash (pan0.net) and should work on desktop & mobile (as long as you are using a 21st century browser ;) ).

It started as simple panorama viewer (for 'local' files) and then added support to show panoramas from flickr, 500px, imgur and files hosted on other servers.
If you think there is something missing or not working propperly, please, report an issue

Source is available at https://github.com/si7o/skybox

Share your panorama(s)


To share your onw equirectangular panoramas, paste the URL in the box below.
URLs supported

  • Flickr user page (it will show images tagged as 'equirectanguar' from the user)
  • Flickr photo page
  • 500px user page (it will show images tagged as 'equirectanguar' from the user)
  • 500px photo page
  • Imgur images
  • Path to an image hosted on another server

get url

  • Images have to be equirectangular (360x180ยบ)
  • If you want to link to your Flickr image, check image permissions
X Select your desired display mode
Save Config *sets a cookie